We have got different types and sizes of boats. Renting a boat costs NOK 100 per day.

We have got ten 13 feet Pioneer boats with 6-8 hp motors. This is the type of boat that comes with the cabins. The Pioneer boats have got double hull and is made out of soft PH plastic, which makes the boats more sustainable to damage. We have got a larger Pioneer, 15 feet, with a 8hp motor. (50 NOK per hour). And an Oyen 530 with electric starter and 30 hp motor. (100 NOK per hour)

You always start with a full gastank, which we provide. You only pay for the gas you have used. We will fill up your tank when it is needed.

Most people use the boats for fishing, but you can just as well take it for a litle sightseeing. It will take you 45 minutes to Ålesund. Just outside Ulsteinvik (20 minutes) you will find 2 old merchants islands. Borgarøya and Håkonsholmen. Both well kept. Borgarøya is a nice place to stop and eat your lunch. At midsummer night this island is a center people with a boat, and there is a nice party in the evening.

The weather can change at the blink of an eye. It is important to check the latest weather forecast or talk to the locals, if you are in doubt, before you take a boat out. We will give warnings if we know it will not be safe.

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Excellent fishing

Flø  has traditionaly been a village where fishing and farming was the way of life. And the sea hammering the beaches of Flø is rich on various kinds of fish. Cod, salmon, flatfish, macrell and many more.

Photos: Per Eide Studio